A renegade “journalist” and his partner drive a decommissioned police car through the hideous unfeeling world of Los Angeles just to see how much it hurts.

Two young men see the face of God.

Detective Midnight wakes in a crater of his own sadness and wonders if he possesses the will to destroy the reptilian army who secretly rules the world.

Ryan Starsailor, a penniless loser with no future, haunts his old life in Austin and tries to figure out where it all went wrong.

Detectives Midnight and Sunset ingest an industrial quantity of lysergic acid and prowl the streets of Oakland in search of the killer of a local duck.

Gritt Calhoon meets with a shady dealer in Thaiwanland. The dealer wants the goods; Gritt wants out. What happened to Shark?

A seven-foot-tall super-solider with a coke problem returns to his hometown to save a local high school from a gang of hooligans. Together with his old war buddy, the two set out to defend liberty and justice for all. But what if they can’t escape their own past?